Garlic Honey Chu-Shrimp

Garlic Honey Chu-Shrimp

  • Cooked shrimp
  • Go-chu Jang paste
  • Honey
  • Garlic
  • Sesame oil
  • Salt
  • Green onion
  • Round onion

【Sake of the Month】Mutsu Hassen Black Label Junmai Ginjo

 Hachinohe Shuzo; a microbrewery in Aomori prefecture that selects local rice and yeast and brews with the famous water of Kanizawa, Hachinohe. Their aim is to produce a modern sake that is delicious yet safe for the environment and personal health. They use 100% white koji in their moromi base giving their sake a fresh, straight-from-the-brewery character.    Displays a hint of sake's natural golden color, and exudes plumes of fresh, juicy apple aromatics. The sake also has a refreshing adidity that melts gently into a sea of umami, allowing it to adapt easily in many different pairings.    Pairs well with chicken served with full grain mustard, oden, red fleshed fish sashimi, baked salmon



Class: Junmai Ginjo 

Size: 720ml      

Brewery: Hachinohe Shuzo 

Founded: 1775 

Rice: Hanafubuki 

Polishing Rate: Koji 55% 

Alcohol Content: 16%     

Amino Acid: 0.8 

Acidity: 1.8%      

SMV: +1 

Toji: Nobuyuki Komai 

Serve: Cold to Room Temperature


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